Empowering women to follow their dreams...Always.

Empowering women to follow their dreams…Always.


“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.” -General George Patton

I came across this quote early this week. It gave my thoughts perfect meaning. As I go through my journey in life, I begin to see the importance of balance. Balance of the body and the mind. If we only focus on the body, we will lose track of the reason we were focused on it in the first place. If we only put effort into making our mind stronger, our body will lose track of itself.

In times when the mind is busy it is natural for us to want rest. Our mind is tired, but what about our body?

Our body needs to counterbalance the mind’s want and need for rest. No matter how hectic our lives get, we need to keep our bodies in motion, active, and strong. In the end, we see that the balance is what will lead a successful outcome. A strong mind and a strong body, work as counterparts by giving each other the perfect mixture of power and serenity; even through the toughest times.